Introducing allTags 2.0

I am happy to announce the release of the next major version of allTags. 2.0 includes many improvements, bug fixes and of course, new features. So let´s get to them.

New major feature: Containers

With containers, allTags supports the separation of data within a single instance. While it was always possible to manage big datasets of different kinds by using tags, now you can dynamically switch between datasets. You can manage your entire data at once or focus on subsets. For example, if allowed, your work and private files can live and be managed in the same instance.

New feature: Separate storage paths

In allTags 2.0, you have the option of separating files via storage paths. With big filesets, storage space can become an issue. With the introduction of containers, it is now possible to divide files between devices, like hard drives or network shares. While separated by storage path, you can still manage all your file objects simultaneously in allTags.

Improvements: Grid view & thumbnails

  • The grid view has been redesigned to allow for more images to be handled and now works better on different screen sizes.
  • With better grid view, you can now choose to increase size and quality of thumbnails. Newly added images will then look much better, though will take longer to import and their thumbnails will need more space.

General improvements

  • The versioning function was improved, allowing you to open read-only copies of older versions to check and compare before you decide whether to recover a file.
  • Many client side scripts were replaced with modern CSS standards. This should result in better performance in larger views.

Bug fixes

  • Many annoying bugs have been squashed, including the one that resets the current scroll position, when changing tags or opening an object. This one was on my naughty list for a while ;)
  • Switching between instances is now faster as a lingering database transaction caused a connection time out.

The entire change log can be viewed here: Link

The road ahead

Containers in allTags is a major new feature, which, although well tested, will be further improved in coming versions. The plan for the next major release is, to focus on making allTags work in team environments as I see many potential benefits of ditching file systems for collaborative work in teams.

Thank you for using or being interested in allTags. Critic, feature suggestions or any other feedback is very welcome.

Warm regards,

Gabriel, developer