A modern file management system


Due to the lack of development time, further development of allTags is suspended.
It will continue to work and we will try our best to fix reported bugs, but no features are currently being worked on.

Access any file with a few tags

There are no folders or unhelpful file names to sort through

Main features

Fast file retrieval

Contextual tag ordering shows differences between files at a glance. Quickly filter down to what you need and find the one file you are looking for.

Personal or business

allTags can be used for personal file management but also for teams and larger organizations by connecting to a central server.

Always available

allTags is a local application - your data on your machine. When a server is used, data is synchronized between clients for offline access.

File versioning and recovery

Built-in versioning allows for quick recovery if necessary. In collaborative environments, allTags includes conflict resolution functions.

Consistent tag vocabulary

Auto completion, tag suggestion and bulk tag manipulation functions help to keep a growing vocabulary consistent.

Highly scalable

Hundreds of thousands or even a million files, allTags is built to be scalable. Files are only read when they are being opened.

Ready for teams

When used with allTags Server, different access levels and a flexible share system allow for tight control.

Privileged users can download files for offline access. Changes are applied automatically with versioning and conflict resolution being available in case of conflicts.

Get allTags now

allTags Client is free to use without limitation. It is a full-featured, personal file management system.

allTags Server is required to manage and synchronize clients in a collaborative environment.