• No more moving around files - everything is accessible with a few tags
  • Hundreds or hundreds of thousands of files - fast access even within very large file sets
  • Tag suggestions and completion for consistent file description
  • Drag&drop bulk file importer
  • File versioning and recovery functions
  • Local data storage, nothing goes to the cloud unless you want it there
  • Tag management functions such as bulk tag renaming and tag splitting
  • Tag sorting by similarity for emphasizing differences
  • Options for multiple storage locations via containers and separation of concerns
  • Thumbnail support for many file types, including PDF*, text and most image/video formats
  • Direct file handling with your prefered, local applications
  • Dynamically generated, tag-based export folders
  • Can run installed or in portable mode from removable storage devices
  • Proxy server support

*requires Ghostscript to be installed

Get allTags Client

allTags Server

allTags Server connects and manages clients running allTags in a collaborative environment.

  • Lean and mean server, built to handle many concurrent clients
  • Synchronization of large file sets between connected clients
  • No more transfer directories, files can be accessed via simple but flexible access rules
  • Multi device access for individuals
  • Synchronized meta data for offline file browsing on clients
  • Conflict management in case of offline or asynchronous file updates from multiple clients
  • Automatic file download rules via tag assignment
  • Proper application service on all supported operating systems, including service logging
Get allTags Server